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Paperwork Pros provides high-quality, no-code software development services using the Google AppSheet (pronounced Google App Sheet) platform, which is now part of Google Cloud. These services include:

  • Doing turnkey development projects
  • Helping with a portion of a project
  • Giving targeted coaching on AppSheet
  • Providing AppSheet experts to augment your team
  • Doing traditional software development as needed

AppSheet Platform

To date, there have been over 2,000,000 software applications created with AppSheet.  Google’s 2020 purchase of AppSheet means that it will be a no-code software development platform that will continue to grow.  AppSheet allows users to create applications using data sources like Google Drive, DropBox and Office 365.  Paperwork Pros is proud to provide AppSheet professional services.

Why We Chose AppSheet

Paperwork Pros chose AppSheet as a key platform for our no-code development services business for several reasons.  Although it’s a capable and popular platform already, Google’s recent purchase of AppSheet means that the platform will develop at an even faster pace.  We are also attracted to AppSheet’s scalable pricing, which makes the no-code development platform affordable even for small organizations.

Our AppSheet Services

Paperwork Pros provides a wide variety of AppSheet development and expertise to our customers.  Whether you need us to do a turn-key software development project or just want a few days of help from one of our App-Sheet no-code developers, we have it covered.  We have expertise in Google AppSheet (pronounced Google App Sheet) project management, configuration best practices, user-interface, workflow, dashboard creation, integration, and more.

Highlighted Project:

Free Church Reservation App for Covid-19

Highlighted Project Overview

Paperwork Pros wanted to use our no-code development skills to help with Covid-19 but it wasn’t immediately obvious what apps were needed that weren’t already available.  Then we heard that a local Catholic Diocese was mandating their churches have a reservations & ticketing system in place before each church was allowed to open.  As a response, we quickly wrote a Church Reservation App to help churches more safely handle events and provide the ability to contact trace if needed.  We also decided to give the App away for free to any U.S. church, only charging for our time to install and do requested customizations.

Highlighted Project Details

  • The app allows clergy and church administrators to easily enter events such as church services, baptisms, and funerals, setting maximum attendee limits for each event.

  • Attendees can click a link on either the church website or an email to signup their families for church events.

  • Includes optional “check-in” functionality if the church decides it wants to more deliberately check attendees in, as they show up for the event.

  • Utilizes AppSheet (Google App Sheet) per user licenses for the church staff that manages setting up events and checking in attendees.

  • AppSheet’s unlimited publicly accessible user licensing is used for church event attendees.

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