Case Study: Custom App for Insurance Agency

Executive Summary

As the small business owner of Mary Hunt Agency, LLC, Mary Hunt is required to wear many hats in order to keep her clients happy and her company moving in the right direction. Managing the insurance quotation process within a customer relationship management (CRM) system while protecting sensitive customer data can be a significant task. Mary turned to the software developers at Paperwork Pros to build a custom app to help connect her systems and improve overall organizational efficiency.

By combining the power of the Google AppSheet no-code development platform with Integromat’s industry-leading integration platform, Paperwork Pros was able to deliver a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use app for Mary and her team.

The Challenge

As a licensed insurance agent, Mary helps provide peace of mind to her customers by helping them find the best health insurance coverage for their needs. To help accomplish this goal, Mary employs a team of virtual contract employees (virtual assistants) who assist with data management and processing quotations.

Driven by the seismic business changes brought on by the global pandemic, the company needed more efficient and automated processes to improve business administration and efficiency. Since Mary’s team now works remotely, Mary Hunt Agency needed the capability to share information, while also keeping sensitive data secure and protected. Without a refined and consistent internal process, the company risked falling behind on their day-to-day tasks.

The Solution

Mary worked with Paperwork Pros to develop a single application that would connect her CRM (ActiveCampaign) and customer database with her virtual contract employees while limiting their access to sensitive information. The application would also provide a fast and efficient way to update customer information, process applications and quotations, while plotting all of the company’s current customers on a map.

The Process

Mary Hunt and Paperwork Pros conducted a series of project assessment Zoom calls to help identify challenges, problems, and issues that the application needed to solve. Based on feedback from their discussions, the team quickly identified Integromat as an essential tool to help address the need for seamless, bi-directional data flow between the new app and the existing ActiveCampaign CRM system.

Throughout the application development process, there was a constant exchange of ideas and information between Mary and Paperwork Pros that allowed the team to solve some complex data management issues. “Paperwork Pros created a beautiful app that helps me save time and improve accuracy.” said Mary Hunt. “They provided Integrity and quality – excellent work and great people! I’m grateful for Paperwork Pros’ expertise and the app created is terrific.”

“We love working with our customers to help digitize their processes and enhance their business automation” said Paperwork Pros CEO, Ron Mouw. “Mary was a great partner to work with because she knows her business so well and had a clear vision on what she wanted to accomplish. We were able to leverage our collective strengths to create a winning application.”

The Result

Paperwork Pros combined the no-code software development platform Google AppSheet, which is part of Google Cloud, along with the Integromat integration platform and ActiveCampaign CRM.

“Mary’s primary goals were to save her precious time and improve accuracy” said Ron Mouw. “We also needed to find a way to connect and automate all of the components so that her team of virtual assistants could manage their work without accessing Mary’s sensitive customer information.”

The final product provides a single place for Mary and her team to access and adjust information in a simple and intuitive framework. By utilizing best-in-class tools, the company’s business processes are safe, secure and always in sync.

Project Details

  • The new app allows Mary Hunt and her virtual team members to remotely access data in a simple and secure environment.
  • The app dashboard view makes it obvious to Mary’s virtual contract employees what tasks they need to work on next.
  • The “Stage” of each Deal in the ActiveCampaign Sales Pipeline determines whether each Deal is visible or not in the app created by Paperwork Pros.
  • Integromat integration scenarios set up by Paperwork Pros results in real-time integration from over 100 fields in the app to ActiveCampaign. This means that Mary always sees the latest information in ActiveCampaign, even as it is being entered in the app.
  • The app UI was well-designed to promote ease of detailed insurance information by virtual contract employees that may not be experienced in the insurance industry.
  • Customer and Customer Contact form views in the app are bi-directionally integrated so that any changes to these entities in the CRM are reflected in the app and vice versa.
  • Pricing and commission calculations are performed in the app to eliminate the need to build these calculations into ActiveCampaign.
  • The app tracks important sales information such as when certain prospect and customer activities were performed.
  • The app shows a Google Map with the location of every customer. This helps Mary and the team better visualize where in CO their customers are located.
  • Utilizes AppSheet (Google App Sheet) per user licenses for the team members.


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