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Paperwork Pros is a certified Betty Blocks partner and provides high-quality, no-code software development services using the Betty Blocks platform. These services include:

  • Doing turnkey development projects
  • Helping with a portion of a project
  • Giving targeted coaching on Betty Blocks
  • Providing Betty Block experts to augment your team
  • Doing traditional software development as needed

Betty Blocks Platform

The Betty Blocks no-code software development platform is used by mid-sized and large organizations to develop applications in a wide variety of public and private industries. With the Betty Blocks no-code application development platform, it’s easy to build gorgeous looking and powerful applications that impact business immediately.

Why We Chose Betty Blocks

Paperwork Pros has been working successfully with the Betty Blocks no-code development platform for over two years.  Since the beginning when we saw our first Betty Blocks demo, the Betty Blocks platform has proved to be very reliable, easy-to-use and powerful.  We really appreciate Betty Blocks’ company culture and their commitment to make every customer and partner successful.  Another advantage of Betty Blocks is their willingness to price the product for unlimited users.  This is useful for no-code applications that are designed to be customer-facing.

Our Betty Blocks Services

For over two years now, Paperwork Pros has loved working with the Betty Blocks no-code development platform.  We have gained valuable experience during those two years.  Whether you need us to do a turn-key software development project or just want a few days of help from one of our Betty Blocks no-code developers, we have it covered.  As certified Betty Blocks developers, we have expertise in Betty Blocks project management, configuration best practices, user-interface, workflow, dashboard creation, integration, and more.

Highlighted Project:

Quoting, Invoicing and Payment Processing Application

Highlighted Project Overview

Paperwork Pros developed the Quoting and Invoicing App entirely on Betty Blocks. It allows contractors and other small business owners to efficiently generate, send, and track their quotes/estimates, invoices, and customer payments.  Users use the app from both computers and mobile devices.  One unique aspect of the project is that it was built to be a multi-tenant app where each business owner can use the app without visibility or access to the activities of the other business owners using the application.  Feel free to ask for a Betty Blocks demo of this sophisticated quoting and invoicing application.

Highlighted Project Details

  • Multiple businesses using the app in a multi-tenant fashion

  • Creation and management of each businesses’ end customers

  • Creation and use of each business’ items to include item descriptions and pricing

  • Tax and discounting functionality

  • Creation of robust Quote and Invoice documents

  • Automatic generation of monthly reports for each business

  • Each business can have one to many users of the App

  • A “one click” conversion of Quotes to Invoices

  • Use of QR Codes to pay Invoices

  • Statuses, security and workflow for both Quotes and Invoices

  • Over 600 Blocks used in the project

  • Electronic payment processing with both eChecks (ACH) and Credit Cards

Highlighted Project Integrations

  • WePay, a Chase Company (payment processing)

  • Adyen (payment processing)

  • FTNI (payment processing)

  • Docmosis (document generation)

  • HubSpot (CRM)

  • Google Docs Viewer

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